Englische Titel des Eminent-Verlages

Esoteric Prague
von Jiri Kuchar
2006, 320 Seiten, m. farb. Abb., 0,48 kg, 12.90€
ISBN-13: 978-80-7281-071-0

Majestic in its ancient architecture, majestic even in historic bondage, with a hundred spires that strive for the sky. Always open to accept the worthy, a magnet for the fulfillment of the spiritual in mankind. A magical city, which reveals much, but veils even more. Esoteric Prague, visited by such personalities like John Dee, Jakob Boehme, W. A. Mozart, Albert Einstein, Thomas A. Edison or Rudolf Steiner, mysterious point where Franz Kafka was born… Contents 132 most important esoteric places.

Praga Hermetica
von Martin Stejskal
2006, 152 Seiten, m. farb. Abb., 0,96 kg, 24.90€
ISBN-13: 978-80-7281-164-9

Praga Hermetica is an attempt to arrange the individual fragments of an old mosaic (or, perhaps, an old palimpsest) into a view of Prague. The details develop into contours revealing the main direction of the so-called Royal Route in both its exoteric and esoteric senses. Praga Hermetica represents hermetic interpretation of astrological significance of the foundations of Prague's religious buildings.

The Czech Coronation Jewels
von Tomáš Bonek
2006, S. 182, m. farb. Abb., 0,35 kg, 12.90€
ISBN-13: 978-80-7281-221-9

The coronation jewels of the Kingdom of Bohemia are singular and unique. The St. Wenceslas crown is not only a ruler's symbol, but also the symbol of the country. It hides the secret of uniqueness. Its charm lies neither in its antiquity nor in the number of the enchased gems alone. It bears the sanctity and the secret lore assigned to it by Charles IV's commission. Its existence is first mentioned in the protective document from 6 May 1346, issued by Pope Clement VI.

The Prague Horologe
von Jakub Malina
2006, 200 S., m.farb. Abb., 0,37 kg, 12.90€
ISBN-13: 978-80-7281-203-5

The Horologe of the Prague Old Town Hall is one of the most famous and touristically most attractive buildings in Prague known to every visitor of this Central European metropolis. The book describes the history of the creation of the building and explains the esoteric symbology that has survived in the very heart of Prague for six centuries. In the historical context of the reign of Charles IV, the “last initiated emperor of the Holy Roman Empire,” the book talks about the level of occult gnosis of the late Middle Ages and its artistic portrayal in architecture, visual arts, and the -urbanistic design of the entire city. The book also unfolds the secret of one of the most -well-known medieval legends about a blind horologist that has been cited to this day in many European cities with similar technical machines; besides Prague, e.g. also in Strasbourg, France, or Gdansk, Poland.

Charles Bridge
von Jakub Malina
2007, 206 S., geb. Softcover, 0,40 kg, 12.90€
ISBN-13: 978-80-7281-305-6

A guide to the history and esoteric concept of the well-known masterpiece of Charles IV and Peter Parler

Karlstein (English)
von Jan and Tomáš Bonek
2007, 176 S., Geb. Softcover, 0,35 kg, 12.90€
ISBN-13: 978-80-7281-316-2

Charles IV Castle of the Holy Grail - The Spiritual Heart of Europe. Karlstein is the most prominent castle in Bohemia and probably one of the most famous castles of entire Europe. The Czech coronation jewels that Charles IV did not plan to keep at Karlstein were moved to the castle and stayed there for several centuries, protected with many locks. And thus, in the end we can be certain only of one thing — since the very beginning, the castle was designed for keeping the most valuable treasure, the imperial sacred insignia, the holder of which was historically the rightful ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.

Cesky Krumlov
von Vaclav Vokolek
2007, Geb. Softcover, 0,35 kg, 12.90€
ISBN-13: 978-80-7281-325-4

Cesky Krumlov (Krumau) - The City of the Mystical Rose.

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